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Better than Billboards

Better than Billboards

Reach all Audiences

Reach all Audiences

Trigger the Buy Instinct

Trigger the Buy Instinct

Drive Customers to

your Digital Channels

Better Than Billboards

Enjoy all the benefits of OUT-OF-HOME (OOH) advertising without getting lost in the crowded advertising landscape. Transport truck advertising is more effective than billboards and holds more attention.

  • Excellent for brand awareness
  • Feed your digital media campaign with leads
  • Reach unlimited audiences and demographics
  • Your message will never be ignored or skipped

Transport truck advertising reaches 82% of Canadians and 46% of consumers visit brand websites or social media pages after seeing an ad on a truck. Truck advertising is not tuned out, deleted or ignored.

We can wrap your fleet or you can wrap ours

Our brand strategists design truck wraps that attract the most eyes and deliver the best return. If you advertise on our fleet you can track your results with monthly reports detailing your truck’s activities including kilometers/miles traveled and traffic reports so you know how many people saw your truck ad.

Cash in on today’s fastest growing and most effective advertising space

Be seen in markets outside your normal reach. In your city, region or anywhere in North America. Choose your route in any city, region, state or province anywhere in Canada or the United States. Place your ad on a 26 ft truck (est. reach 1.9 million monthly) or a 53 ft truck (est. reach 1 million monthly).  You can wrap the whole truck or, just one side or, the rear door. Click here to learn more about advertising options.

United States, Canada, Toronto or your Town. Choose your route.

Best pricing. Options to suit most budgets. Payment plans available.

Business Owners and Marketing Teams.

“Amazing experience working with Big Rig Wraps! What an eye-opener to the incredible benefits of transport truck advertising. We are firm believers in the wonders and value of transport truck advertising. Can’t recommend Big Rig Wraps highly enough.”

S. Howlett

“We keep hearing from folks that see our truck advertisement, they are so proud to let us know and that means a lot to our business. The process was easy, and the outcome was beautiful. We are now in our second year and looking forward to many more years.”

I. Nicolaisen

“Not only do you give excellent value for the dollar spent, but I view it more as an investment than an expense. This is one of the smartest and best investments I have ever made.”

C. Judd

“The team at Big Rig Wraps were so efficient! They took my ideas and created a masterpiece. Thank you for your speed, and attention to detail. I look forward to seeing my trucks around town!”

K. Marth

“With 6 BIG RIGS promoting our brand across Ontario and Quebec, our brand is seen and recognized in the two provinces where we do business..and it generates significant sales for us.”

B. Jensen

“Unbelievable how quick and easy the process is from start to finish, and the amount of publicity this type of advertising can generate for a company!”

C. Jadischke

“Fast, knowledgeable and on your side. The Big Rig Wraps team goes above and beyond to make sure people discover your product or service. Thanks, Big Rig Wraps.”

J. Humphries

“I’ve already received several orders from people seeing my wrap! Thank you! Highly recommend utilizing this service for your advertising.”

K. Skinner

“It’s phenomenal, It does work and you are going to want to put your business on a truck.”

S. Howlett

“Having the truck drive around all of Ontario advertising what we do is AWESOME! We have had a number of people tell us they saw it – WOW. Thanks again Big Rig Wraps for doing such an amazing job.”

J. Brunton

“We advertise in various places such as radio, newspaper, magazines, highway billboards, online services and we track all inquiries to see how they found us. The transport truck ad has proven to be the best investment we have made in advertising.”

B. Jensen

“Can’t speak highly enough of Big Rig Wraps and the service we have received!”

A. Russell

“Big Rig Wraps provided us with a cost-effective strategy which helped us book two transport trucks. Within 6 months of launching our trucks we have seen an increase in sales!”

B. Hill

“Advertising on a transport truck has been an amazing experience for us. Big Rig Wraps has been so great to work with and we so appreciate all this has done for our festival.”

L. Collier

“We are so pleased with the results we decided to scale back on another advertising and book 4 more trailers – giving us a total of 6 trucks using your transport truck advertising service! We are very happy clients and highly recommend your service.”

B. Jensen

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Big Rig Wraps - YWCA Truck
Big Rig Wraps - Ajax Pickering Board of Trade Truck

Big Rig Wraps provides lead-generating and “green” advertising options to seamlessly fuel marketing campaigns, offering choices to reach every age group and target market across North America. Click to see ad options.