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Big Rig Wraps

We Are A Green Advertising Agency

We Use Space That Already Exists With Minimal Carbon Footprint!


Big Rig Wraps

We Are A Green Advertising Agency

We Use Space That Already Exists With Minimal Carbon Footprint!

“What pops into minds when people read the word sustainability? Do images of tree huggers and blue boxes pop up?

Sustainability is more than recycling. It’s about using resources wisely and conscientiously to create a business that will thrive for generations, to be responsible in our consumption, and to encourage others to make less wasteful choices.

Every aspect of our operations adheres to sustainability best practices. Perhaps this is why Big Rig Wraps was nominated again as a sustainability champion for the upcoming business excellence awards.

You see, we place advertising on space that already exists (transport trucks). The additional funds we generate for fleet partners make it possible for them to adopt green processes, including the re-use of materials and efficient fuel and energy management.

These initiatives have extended equipment lifetime by an estimated 80 hours per truck each year. That means less equipment heads to landfills every year.

Want to become more sustainable? Read tips about how by joining our Facebook group #DrivingSustainableCommunities

Becoming sustainable is both easy and rewarding, I promise.”

Angela Baltkois
CEO and Founder

Big Rig Wraps Sustainability Blueprint Creates Big Impacts

In a few short years, efforts and initiatives at Big Rig Wraps have prompted:

 •  Multiple fleet companies in Canada and the U.S. to stay in operation.

 •  Many fleet companies to access government incentive plans to upgrade equipment and transport trucks. (note: most government incentives require a significant owner investment or matching funds. With new equipment regulations and the increasing costs of fuel, many operators didn’t have the disposable cash…until Big Rig Wraps).

 •  Fleet expansion.

 •  Upgrading equipment to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. At minimum, 500lbs of CO2 is released per truck per year and that means at least a 4 per cent fuel savings per truck per year. Some studies show a fuel savings of more than $2,600 per year per truck.

 •  Increasing maintenance and the installation of eco-friendly equipment, which reduces landfill items by minimizing strain on engines and other parts by an estimated 80 hours per truck/year.

 •  Each fleet partner adopts a zero-waste policy and follow the 3Rs.

 •  Reducing the use of paper by 90 per cent and minimizing use of plastics, energy, and water at all three Big Rig Wraps locations.


Join Us In Magnifying Environmental Conservation

We are proud to be a sustainable company offering eco-friendly advertising solutions for our clients. We place advertising on space that already exists, use green processes and materials, and abide by the highest standard of green business practices.

As a Platinum Member of the Green Business Bureau (GBB) and a two-time nominee for Sustainability Champion, we encourage and reward our clients for their own sustainability efforts.

Our clients attain industry leadership knowing that their advertising investment is being used to help our fleet partners be more sustainable. Plus, our fleet partners use advertising revenues to invest in making their fleets green with the reduction of fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

You Can Become A Sustainability Champion Too By:

  • Going beyond a 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) plan.
  • Not settling for a few significant initiatives.
  • Embracing sustainable practices because it’s the smart and right thing to do, not for any PR value.
  • Partnering with your vendors, suppliers and customers to magnify conservation.
  • Working together to prepare for a better today, and improved results in five, 10 and 20 years.

Where is the best place on the truck to advertise?

Green Trucking?

Big Rig Wraps Brings a Touch of Green to Trucking and Advertising on Trucks

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