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Big Rig Wraps

Turn Your Trucks into Mobile Billboards

Imagine transforming your trucks into giant, mobile billboards that generate income while you operate your business. Partnering with Big Rig Wraps will unlock a wealth of benefits for your trucking business!

Passive Income Stream: Turn unused truck space into a source of income. We handle client acquisition, ad design, and campaign management. You simply provide the mobile canvas and collect a fee.

Enhanced Brand Awareness: While promoting other companies, you gain exposure for your own trucking business. The constant movement of your trucks puts your brand logo and contact information in front of a wide audience, potentially attracting new clients.

Diversification & Flexibility: Fleet advertising income provides an additional revenue stream, mitigating the impact of market fluctuations. You can choose the types of ads displayed on your trucks, maintaining control over brand image.

Partnering with us will create a mutually beneficial relationship! Your trucking company will gain a new revenue stream, while we gain access to a unique and cost-effective advertising platform for our clients!

We Are Fleet Graphic Experts

With our extensive network of graphic designers and wrap installation partners, we offer the best pricing in the industry. Ask us for our quote for your next truck or trailer branding project.

Turn Your Trailers into Easy Additional Revenue

Receive recurring revenues for having ads on your trailers. You decide the amount of space; full side, partial side or the back door. You control who and what is advertised on your trailers. Sound easy? It is.

We take care of every aspect

You control the ads on your trailers

You are protected from liability

Reduce the risk of theft

Offer your customers added value

You benefit by our endorsement

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