Your Ad Copy Should Be Efficient Too

by | Jul 20, 2021 | News

Back in 2001 the billboard industry told us to keep the word count to 10 words or less. Ted Ward, the retired Geico CMO told me soon after that he wanted us to find a way to use 3 words only: GEICO, SAVE and MONEY. Figure it out, he would say. So we did. And for years they kept their copy to 5 words or less in most cases. And use bright colors that don’t blend into the blue skies or green trees. Yellows, bright blues, some purple. Yeah, they stuck out. 

Which leaves to the rest of you. Apple always keeps it simple, their logo, a photo of their products, many times no words are needed. We know that’s a new iPhone or laptop. Same with Nike and Amazon. Few or no words and a swoosh thing. We get it. And we buy it. 

So when you set your next OOH budget, simple advice: think about the positioning of the board, or in the case with truck advertising, how fast the traffic is flying by. Then whatever your message is, cut it in half. 

Create a mockup with a MAXIMUM of 6 WORDS then hold it 10 feet from your face on a piece of paper and see if you can read it in 7 SECONDS. This is the average amount of time that people have to see a truck or billboard ad..

The takeaway? Less is more. 

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