Why we stand out from the competition

by | Nov 25, 2020 | News

When our company CEO, Angela Baltkois, started Big Rig Wraps, her goal was to be the best in the business. And for the past years, every decision we’ve made has been in support of that goal. So, if you’re considering us to promote your brand on one of our trucks or for us to be your fleet graphics partner, we’d like to share a few traits we believe make us stand out.

How do we separate ourselves from the competition? We are unique because:

1. We specialize in vehicle graphics and OOH advertising—and we handle everything you need, all in one place. We take the time to get to know you and to find the right solution for YOUR business.

2. We provide you with a Brand Strategist who will analyze your current marketing portfolio and develop a strategy to incorporate your truck ad into a consistent campaign. We will continue to provide expert marketing guidance and assistance for as long as you are our client.

3. We help you extend the reach of YOUR CAMPAIGN on OUR social media channels. You join our preferred client roster, and we promote your product or services through our own heavy traffic social media channels, at no additional charge.

4. We provide monthly reports so you can track your ROI and see how many people saw YOUR ad.

5. Passionate, dedicated, amazing humans who take customer service really seriously. To put it bluntly, we live customer service. You’ll see that our team doesn’t just thrive on delivering great truck graphics; they also thrive on personal connections and making lives easier for clients.

6. Our unique values drive us. Passion, teamwork, a positive attitude, determination, and putting clients first. We are proud to be an inclusive company that supports all human beings regardless of race, religious beliefs or sexual preferences. We thrive on philanthropy and social justice campaigns.

7. We are a green advertising agency. Every aspect of our operations adheres to sustainability best practices. We place advertising on space that already exists and the additional funds we generate for fleet partners make it possible for them to adopt green processes, including the re-use of materials and efficient fuel and energy management.

8. Full North American coverage. We’ve got you covered anywhere across Canada and the United States.

9. We are 3M Certified. As a 3M Platinum Provider, you can be assured of our commitment to quality. (This is why choosing a certified fleet advertising installer is so important).

10. We embody joie de vivre! Big Rig Wraps is a Canadian based company with branch offices in the US. That makes how we look at business a little different. We are creative, fun and passionate about our business and lives. So, if you want world-class production, creativity, and an amazing partnership—while having little bit of fun along the way, call on us.

Let us show you, first-hand, what makes us stand out. Contact us today.

Big Rig Wraps Transport Truck Advertising (Big Rig Wraps) is the premier provider of large-scale outdoor advertising on trucks up to 53 feet. Through a series of partnerships created with fleet truck owners, graphic designers, and certified installers, we make it possible and affordable for companies to take their advertising on the road, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, even if they don’t own their own fleet. Learn more about Big Rig Wraps here.

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