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Track How Mobile Billboards Are Working for You: Measuring Transport Truck Campaign Success

by | May 25, 2024 | News

Transport truck advertising, with its massive reach and constant movement, offers a unique way to get your brand seen. But how do you know if those eye-catching designs on trailers translate into actual results for your business?  This blog dives into methods for tracking your transport truck advertising campaign and gauging its effectiveness, along with a real-world example of success: our first client Jensen Trailers, they have been doing truck advertising for 11 years!


Measuring the Success of Your Truck Advertising Campaign

Truck advertising offers a unique and impactful way to reach a broad audience. But how do you know if your campaign is translating into actual results for your company? Here are some key indicators to measure the success of your truck advertising:

Website Traffic & Brand Awareness:

  • Website Analytics: Track website traffic generated through your truck advertising campaign. Look for spikes in traffic coinciding with the launch of your campaign or periods when your trucks were in high-traffic areas.
  • Brand Mentions & Social Media Engagement: Monitor mentions of your brand or campaign hashtags on social media. Look for an increase in social media engagement, such as likes, shares, or comments under your posts.

Lead Generation & Sales:

  • Campaign-Specific Landing Pages: Create unique landing pages for your truck advertising campaign. Include QR codes or specific call-to-actions on your truck wraps that direct viewers to these landing pages. Track the number of leads generated through these pages.
  • Promo Codes & Sales Tracking: If you’re promoting a specific product or service, utilize unique promo codes displayed on your truck wraps. Track the number of redemptions of these codes to gauge campaign effectiveness in driving sales.

Call to Action & Engagement:

  • Phone Calls: Track the number of phone calls received through phone numbers displayed on your truck wraps. This can indicate viewers are directly contacting your company after seeing your mobile advertisement.
  • Photo Contests & User-Generated Content: Encourage user engagement by running photo contests on social media. Ask viewers to snap pictures of your trucks and share them using a specific hashtag. This can generate excitement and spread brand awareness organically.


Analyzing Data and Taking Action

Once you’ve collected data, analyze it regularly to see if your campaign is on track.  Are you reaching your target audience? Are your metrics trending upwards?  Don’t be afraid to adjust your strategy based on the data. If certain routes aren’t delivering results, consider rerouting trucks.


  • For a more precise measurement of your campaign’s impact, consider incorporating a control group if feasible. This could involve a similar product or service not advertised on trucks. Analyze the difference in performance between the two groups.
  • The impact of truck advertising can be cumulative. Keep in mind that brand awareness builds over time with repeated exposure. Track metrics over an extended period for a holistic view of the campaign’s effectiveness.


Client Spotlight: Jensen Trailers – A Transport Truck Advertising Success Story

The power of transport truck advertising isn’t just theoretical. Take Jensen Trailers, one of our very first clients who continue to be a valued partner, and who have been doing advertising on trucks for 11 years.

After two years with Big Rig Wraps, it became clear to Jensen Trailers that transport truck advertising was more than just worthwhile – it was worthy of a further investment into more trucks.

They decided to choose specific routes and territories in Ontario and Quebec to open up new markets they weren’t currently serving. By 2016, Jensen Trailers had six fully wrapped eye-catching 53 ft Big Rigs showcasing their brand across Ontario and Quebec.

The result? A notable increase in website traffic, and increased sales both in their home market and new cities where the trucks travel through. But the impact goes beyond numbers.

Here’s what Brian Jensen, from Jensen Trailers, had to say:

The transport truck ad has proven to be the best investment we have made in advertising. We are so pleased with the results we decided to scale back on another advertising and book 4 more trailers – giving us a total of 6 trucks using your transport truck advertising service! We are very happy clients and highly recommend your service. Brian Jensen, Jensen Trailers

Jensen Trailers’ story is a testament to the effectiveness of well-planned and tracked transport truck advertising campaigns. By setting clear goals, leveraging tracking tools, and making data-driven decisions, your brand can achieve similar success with rolling billboards.


Ready to Measure the Impact of Your Next Transport Truck Campaign?

Transport truck advertising offers a powerful way to reach a vast audience on the go. But how do you know if those eye-catching designs are translating into real results for your business?

This blog post has equipped you with the knowledge to track your campaign’s effectiveness. Now that you’ve learned about key metrics like website traffic, lead generation, and brand awareness, it’s time to put them into action!

Don’t wait! Contact Big Rig Wraps today for a free consultation and let us help you design a transport truck advertising campaign that gets noticed and drives results.

We’ll help you develop a data-driven strategy, create high-impact visuals, and choose the optimal routes to reach your target audience. Together, we can turn your trucks into powerful brand ambassadors and watch your business thrive.

Big Rig Wraps Transport Truck Advertising (Big Rig Wraps) is the premier provider of large-scale outdoor advertising on trucks up to 53 feet. Through a series of partnerships created with fleet truck owners, graphic designers, and certified installers, we make it possible and affordable for companies to take their advertising on the road, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, even if they don’t own their own fleet. Learn more about Big Rig Wraps here.

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