The Know Human Trafficking Campaign Launches its 13th and 14th Trucks

by | Jul 12, 2023 | homepage, News, Press

The launch of the 13th and 14th trucks in support of the Know Human Trafficking Truck Advertising Campaign took place on Tuesday, July 11th at Steinman Transportation 215 Belfield Road Etobicoke, Ontario.

This truck launch consisted of two trucks sponsored by Steinman Transportation, Connecting GTA, and members Angelo Pucci, 4S Electrical, Darshan Sritharan, Express Employment Professionals, Ambu Communications, ThryvX, and Ann Arbour Consultants.


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Truck #13 is sponsored by CGTA and members: Angelo Pucci, Ambu Communications, Darshan Sritharan, and Express Employment Professionals.


The Ontario region sees 65% of police-reported human trafficking incidents in the country, this is why we deem it a very important task to spread awareness of it and learn how to spot the signs in a highly populated area like the Greater Toronto Area. With this heinous crime on the rise all around Canada, it is important to deliver a consistent message across the provinces to keep people informed & engaged with the cause.


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Truck #14 is sponsored by CGTA and members: Angelo Pucci, ThryvX, Ann Arbour Consultants, and 4S Electrical.


Big Rig Wraps is fully committed to supporting and raising awareness of human trafficking through truck advertising campaigns with the continuous help of the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada and the Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers, who have worked tirelessly to ensure that this campaign reaches its goals and targets.


We also thank all of the sponsors who have helped spread the message to a wider audience in hopes that this campaign keeps growing and reaching key regions all over Canada.

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