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by | Dec 8, 2016 | News

Regardless of what type of business you have and whether it’s a product or a service, Christmas is a perfect opportunity to boost your sales and brand awareness. Even if your products or services are not directly related to Christmas, you should still devise a Christmas special marketing plan. If you can’t think of a connection, simply offer a special deal or discount on whatever you are selling. Try to be a part of the festivities. Even if it doesn’t bring any sale, it will definitely help with trust building.

Nothing catches the customer’s eye like a special offer, so you should try to come up with something special.

If you are starting to plan now, try to focus on last minute shoppers. If you can think of a way to accommodate distressed buyers, you might win lots of loyal customers with a lifetime value.

Your Web Site

Decorate your web site. It is your virtual storefront and should be treated the same as a bricks and mortar location. Make sure your Christmas specials are front and centre on your web site.

Social Media campaign

Post your Christmas sales (daily!). Engage your audience with relevant content that talks about your sales plans or special arrangements for Christmas as a business. Ask questions, find out what they want and start a conversation with your target audience. Christmas can be a great occasion for launching a contest or sweepstake.

Email Marketing

Ideally, you should be sending emails to your subscribers, or past customers well in advance. And as the day draws nearer, you can send customized emails with offers and subject lines like “Christmas gift last minute delivery” or “Christmas sale ending in 1 week”. The idea is to instill a little bit of urgency and invoke them into buying before the season ends.

Follow up

Think in terms of what you can offer your customers in January and beyond. Whether it’s a coupon or an invitation to a special event, NOW is the time to devise a plan to bring your Christmas sales customers back. Give them an invitation or coupon when they purchase for a sale or event in January.

The less busy days in January are the perfect opportunity to follow up with the customers who purchased from you this Christmas. Ask if they were happy with your product or service. Is there anything you could have done better? Would they refer you to a friend? Invite them to join your email list and social media pages and offer them an incentive for doing so.

Wishing you the very BEST holiday season sales!

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