As we enter the first week of Ontario’s pandemic response, I want to share with you how we are responding to CORONAVIRUS – COVID-19. First and foremost, we are staying calm and positive.


  • All Big Rig Wrapped trucks are running. We call this status Green, and we will keep people updated about this status on the home page of our website.
  • As businesses will need to shift their marketing mix in response to the pandemic-prompted market slowdown, we will add local and regional routes. The trucks on these routes will be in high demand as people work remotely from home and will travel within the boundaries of their communities.
  • Tips for how to re-align your marketing mix are posted in our Pause and Pivot blog on our website
  • Eight steps to take to maintain organizational health are detailed in an article by our CFO.

We are making our Brand Strategists available for a free 30-minute session if you want some expert guidance and assistance retooling your marketing mix. Click to book a call

  • Our employees work remotely and practice good hygiene habits, and we are at full working capacity.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us if you are encountering any challenges. We are here to help and may be able to find a business within our client or supplier base that can assist you.


  • We continually monitor our cash flow and maintain a healthy outlook.
  • We may shift some of the regular items in our orders to be able to accommodate the needs within our communities.


  • We are reallocating some of our supplies budget to assist with day-to-day living items for people in need. If you know of someone that needs some short-term assistance, please let us know. If you have items or support you want to donate for this cause, please contact us.
  • We are increasing the number of social media posts with information to help businesses and individuals manage this crisis.
  • We are offering free 30 minute sessions with one of our Brand Strategists to help business owners (even if you’re not a client) remix their marketing efforts in response to the pandemic.

Here at Big Rig Wraps, we are staying wide-eyed and positive about COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and watch for up-to-date instructions from local Health Departments and other government agencies. We understand that businesses will need to quickly adjust to a shifted market, which can prompt fear and extreme reaction. I want to urge all of you, my business colleagues, to stay calm and pause and pivot to adjust. As a business community, we can all get through this if we help each other.

Best wishes for all of our good health.

Angela Balkois, CEO

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