Reasons Why You Should Invest In Mobile Billboards

by | Feb 21, 2022 | News

Why invest in mobile billboards?

What sets mobile billboard effectiveness apart from other forms of advertising is that these can deliver messages in places that static and other digital billboards are unable to reach. Moreover, this method offers a means of advertising to be seen near competitors and makes sure that it is not cluttered by other advertisements. 

Mobile billboards are highly valuable for any advertiser, particularly because these can reach anywhere, at any time, to engage with specific audiences. Some of the leading benefits of mobile billboards include:

  • Routes can be highly targeted, strategic and customized based on certain audiences and marketing goals.
  • A very cost-effective solution, especially because of the ability to generate a large number of impressions each day.
  • Location based integrative advertising opportunities to deliver messages across two channels.
  • Large visibility at eye level and real estate on busy streets that gets noticed and recalled.
  • Due to more effective targeting, quality conversion rates are seen.
  • Countrywide marketing campaigns can be implemented, targeting more than one market.
  • Fully dedicated, creative, double-sided advertisements with 100% share of voice, spotlighting only your brand.
  • Compatibility with digital media makes mobile billboards highly attractive and successful.

There is also the advantage that the content is seen by drivers and people on foot in the city and in urban areas and within a few minutes this message can move to high traffic areas in suburban inner and outer rings. Mobile billboards are an essential medium to any media plan.

Size matters: when it comes to advertising, bigger really is better. And what’s better? If the huge ad is at eye level and it is moving, it certainly won’t be missed!

Quick and memorable: APN uses brain scanning technology to prove that moving ads provide 45% more peak exposure as compared to static billboard advertisements. According to this study, once the audience engages with the brand, the level of memory encoding is higher. This increases the recalling of a brand.

Everyday checks: Mobile billboards are driven by experienced professional drivers who look at the advertisement every day, to make sure brand awareness stays intact.

Strategic targeting: Correctly target your advertisement to the right people at the right time to result in high quality impressions. The move-ability factor means mobile billboards can reach those places where your audience lives, works and plays. Hence make sure your content speaks precisely to your target audience.

Works as an effective geo-conquesting strategy: Steal market share from your competitors by driving your larger-than-life advertisement near their store locations, and attracting their customer base to your store! This is a great strategy to achieve competitive advantage.

Integration with digital: By pairing your OOH advertising campaign to a smartphone campaign, your reach can be amplified by up to 316%. This allows your campaign to be noticed by all the right people in the right place at the right time. Further personalized reach is possible by sending proximity-based messages directly to one’s smartphone.

Nontraditional, yet exciting: People don’t come across mobile billboards every day; which is why, when they do, they get excited. It’s a great technique to cut through the clutter, grab attention and create excitement.

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