OOH Brand Builder & Sales Activator

  OOH! Brand Builder & Sales Activator  
Written by Canadian Out of Home Marketing & Measurement Bureau, September 26, 2018
An analysis of the IPA Databank case studies showed that OOH is a highly versatile channel capable of building brands and activating sales. The research revealed that effective brands spend 48% of their investment on brand building alone. 28% invest solely on sales activation and 24% spend on both brand building and sales activation.
The brand building quality of OOH has long been recognized. The research proves that OOH is able to drive strong increased, sustainable short term sales among power users (15% or more of ad spend in OOH) showing a 22% uplift in immediate short term sales activation versus non-users.
According to Paul Sambrook, Global Marketing Director for Rapport UK, it may sound obvious that advertising would drive short term sales, however, given the belief that OOH typically drives sales at a slower and more sustainable rate, the magnitude of the increase was most surprising. It is impressive to note that OOH power-users typically see an increase in brand trust ratings and equality (brand stature and fame) when they run a brand building only campaign.
Research showed that outcomes can be turbo charged by the inclusion of sales activation. Paul also stressed that clients should blend and combine brand building and sales activation tactics in order to achieve best practice and optimal success in OOH. These general trends were observed across all product categories.

Source: IPA Databank case studies 2004-2016
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