OOH Amplifies Other Media

by | Nov 19, 2021 | News

Out of Home (OOH) amplifies other media with the highest attribution
given to digital channels, boosting the business effects of any online
advertising (by 31%), paid-social (by 56%), and search (by 80%). This boost of brand quality/esteem is credited to OOH’s role in
enhancing brand trust.

OOH also boosts brand’s stature and fame when added to TV, Print
and Radio. An analysis of the IPA Databank case studies revealed that
OOH contributed an uplift of 11% to print, 12% to radio, and an
impressive uplift of 21% to TV.

An example of OOH (in this case DOOH) amplifying the performance
of print can be found in the Aldi case study on Rapport UK’s website.
• Of the people exposed to Aldi’s DOOH ad, 80% hadn’t seen the
print ad.
• Top of Mind Brand Awareness was 35% higher for the DOOH ad
than the print.

Peter Field, world renowned analyst behind this research, outlined in
his findings that brands who are OOH Power Users (15% or more of
ad spend in OOH) are actually enhancing the performance of their TV
campaign. This occurs by amplifying a number of brand effects, with
significant boosts to fame and stature.

The research outlined that the public nature and stature of OOH
appears to drive credibility and trust in a way that social can’t achieve
in its own right.

Source: IPA Databank case studies 2004-2016

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