How to think like a Media Planner

Media planning is a critical perspective of any business. Now, with the growing media platforms in the world, it is even more challenging to keep track of the media. Anyone who is doing OOH for a long time knows that it’s a combination of science and art.

We’ll see how to think like a media planner as well as try to understand the importance of OOH i.e., out of home media. But first, we’ll try to understand what OOH media is.

What is OOH (Out Of Home) Media Advertising?

OOH is any advertisement you’ll see outside your house. This includes any ad you can come across your home, for example, radio advertisement.

Although social media plays a big part in this age of advertisements, OOH media advertising holds excellent value when it comes to increasing business revenue. There are two types of OOH media marketing:

Printed Out-of-Home: Aerial, billboard, brochure, Banners, wallscape, streets, highways, posters, Vehicular advertisement, etc.

Digital Out-of-Home: Cafes, bars, barber shops, railway stations, airports, etc.

Importance of OOH Marketing:

  1. It is a simple fact that you are comfortable with everything familiar. So, if you want your brand to become a household name, you need to make efforts in OOH marketing. If people are looking at your brand more and more often it will increase their trust in your brand.
  2. OOH will help in building people’s trust through a different perspective. It shows that the brand is putting in every effort to make it reach the audience. It creates a positive reputation for the brand in the market.
  3. Most of the times, OOH is very creative and can have a fantastic sense of humor. And it works well for the trust-building.
  4. Companies can bring up different competitions through OOH and increase customer engagement of a particular brand.
  5. It’s a scientifically known fact that humans keep images in mind more accurately than text.So, looking at a visual representation of a product or service will stay in the customer’s mind longer than simple customers, genuine trust of customers is gained. With the help of OOH. OOH will create a long-lasting image in a customers mind about your brand.
  6. OOH, media planning will help you grow your direct business. But it will also help you grow your online business. Google takes a direct search in consideration with backlinks while ranking your site. So, it will help you grow online.

Challenges Faced during OOH:

  1. You need to know about the group of people you’re targeting as your customers. The only reason anyone is going to buy anything from you is that they see something valuable out of it.As a strategist, you need to map out a plan to make your brand more trustworthy and familiar.
  2. You will need to change the marketing strategy as the consumer keeps changing. For example, if you keep selling a mobile phone, you need to personalize its features for customers of all age groups.
  3. Whenever you’re preparing a strategy for any product or brand, you need to thoroughly think from the seller’s and buyer’s perspective. It’s vital that you keep aside all the personal opinions you have about that particular brand or product.
  4. Whenever you’re building a strategy, you need to be well aware of all the marketing trends. You need to specify the product according to the latest trends.For e.g. You can’t specify a smartphone as an incoming or outgoing device in this day and age. Keep in mind that marketing trends are the most important factors while considering OOH.
  5. You need to manage the client’s expectations. You should be able to set a timeline for the kind of strategy the clients want. Time and money are the most important factors while doing that.How much time and money will you require to create a marketing strategy that meets the client’s expectations is the most significant part of any strategy building.
  6. If an investor is investing his or her time and money in you, one thing that he/she expects is getting good results on those investments. You need to keep track of the increase in their business revenue before, during, and after campaigns.

Advantages of Mobile Graphic Advertising:

To start, mobile advertising is the most effective way of OOH advertising. Vehicles are used for mobile advertising. These vehicles can be anything from bicycles to trucks. This is a better way of advertising your brand than using a billboard on the side of the highway or radio advertisements.

There are numerous advantages to using Mobile Graphics Advertising.

  1. Mobile advertising is more profitable and cost-effective than static billboard advertising. It increases the business revenue to nearly double when compared to static billboard marketing. These ads are more affordable than billboards, brochures, or any other printed OOH.
  2. The unique way in which these advertisements are presented makes it more noticeable. The ads on digital platforms can be skipped. But vehicular advertisements are unconventional. Hence they are more eye-catching.
  3. It is a non-aggressive form of advertising. Unlike television, radio, and website ads, these grab your attention without disturbing you.Customers respond better to an advertisement without a “Not-in-your-face” approach. Most people enjoy the vibrant wraps around a vehicle. Many people get more attention due to their vehicle wraps than their website.
  4. The target audience is much higher than any other platform. If you’re looking at an advertisement on a specific website, it will only reach to the people visiting those websites.If they’re in any print media, they’ll only reach those particular readers. But mobile vehicular ads will reach a more enormous customer base. The targeted audience will be a more exceptional group. It can reach places where any other kinds of media cannot reach.
  5. Your brand will reach the customers instead of waiting for them to see you. You can non-intrusively reach out to your customers as a business and as a brand name.
  6. One of the most significant advantages of using a vehicular wrap is that you can reach out to local people. If local people look at your ad, they’re most likely to do business with you.


So, the takeaway from this article is clear, and OOH marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways of marketing your brand. OOH, Media has great importance, and its planning is very important if you want to increase your revenue. Transport truck advertising can result in a significant turnover for your business as it helps you reach out to a broader audience as well as local customers.

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