How to Target Millennials With Billboard Advertising

When most people think about Millennials, they imagine a tech-savvy and knowledgeable demographic that is increasingly influential—which is why so many marketers believe that online channels offer the most effective way to convert Millennial leads and generate a desired ROI.

First, Millennials are increasingly cynical in their treatment of online ads; approximately 63% of them are thought to use ad-blockers on at least one of their devices. That cynicism is largely the result of the saturation of the online space with conflicting and overly promotional ads, which have made it extremely difficult for messaging to shine through.

After all, OOH channels, such as transport truck advertising, traditional billboards, are omnipresent in the real world, with figures suggesting that 70% of customers regularly see and interact with them. Traditional billboards also optimize a brand’s reach by providing total exposure: Messaging is displayed without being forced to compete with other brands.

Most important, OOH ads are nonintrusive, blending seamlessly into our surrounding environment and so creating a sense of trust and reassurance among Millennials. Fully 56% of Millennials are thought to trust the messaging that they read on billboards and OOH materials; moreover, the organic placement of these ads compels viewers to interact with the brand.
58% of consumers are inclined to interact further with brands after seeing a billboard or poster. Millennials are even more responsive to this type of advertising; they are 17% more likely to engage with a brand through their smartphone after consuming an OOH advert.

Author: Paul Inman
Sales and marketing director for Airoutdoor
UK-based billboard advertising company.

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