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How can I tell if my truck advertising campaign is working?

by | Mar 26, 2021 | News

Truck advertising is effective for almost every product or service. If you drive on a highway or on city streets you will likely see trucks with ads on them.


For every type of business, truck advertising delivers the messages you want to put in front of the right audience. With the advantage of mobility, this form of advertising has the best community reach. Whether you want to capture local audiences or national ones, truck advertising is versatile enough to do both. 


In case you didn’t know, truck advertising continuously drives down selected routes, sharing the brand’s messaging on a daily basis. This form of advertising is not limited to national brands; local brands can also adopt trucks and create more regionally targeted campaigns that appeal  to their future clients.


With truck advertising, large audiences are captured more often than with any other form of advertising. Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising on truck ads taps into the buying behaviours of consumers who often spend upwards of 70% of their time outside the home. In fact, after seeing an outdoor ad, 38% of people are likely to visit a website or send a message on Facebook; and 48% are more likely to click on a mobile ad.


Truck advertisements cover areas where other OOH executions aren’t found. Because mobile billboards are a slightly unconventional way to advertise, you can effectively situate your advertising in areas that haven’t been touched by other advertising channels. A truck ad has the benefit of being noticed in an ordinary environment, uninterrupted by other advertising.


Circulation, demographics, and impressions are three important factors that affect a billboard’s OOH rating. This may also apply to truck advertising. Circulation is defined as the total volume of traffic that passes through the OOH ad, as calculated by transportation authorities. This doesn’t, however, consider the number of people who actually saw the ad; only the people who were in range of viewing it.

Demographics, in a marketing measurement sense, means the age, gender, or income level of people in the OOH execution’s line of vision. Characteristics such as these make up the OOH audience, and can identify a clear target. Impressions are concerned with the average number of people who see the advertisement, based on the impact of size, visibility, and speed at which people are in the range of. Impressions stem from the circulation and location of the OOH.


Truck advertising is 100% brand recognition. It is top of the funnel marketing and top of mind, which means that it works well to introduce a company. It is also important to know that truck advertising is most effective over the long term. You are not going to double your sales after 1 month of advertising on a truck, as it takes time to gain traction and become an industry leader. In fact, 1 – 2 years of exposure is often needed to determine how effective truck advertising is for a particular industry.


How can you determine ROI? There are many factors and indicators. Have you seen an increase in web site or social media traffic? If so, this could be an indicator. Feedback comes in many different ways such as:


  1. Increased search volume and website traffic
  2. Increase in followers and social media activity
  3. Decreased cost per click
  4. Increase in sales activity


Truck advertising is subliminal marketing that your prospective customers simply can’t turn off. When they need a product or service you provide, they may automatically turn to your business without even knowing why. So even if your customers aren’t consciously aware that they saw your truck ad, don’t assume that this is an indicator of whether your ad is working.


The Best Case Study

Sometimes the best case study is one that doesn’t require any deep data science or top secret, “proprietary” machine learning. Sometimes it’s the one where someone who isn’t looking for you, sees you and lets you know their delighted surprise in just that.

It’s that feeling you get when you bump into an old friend at the grocery store. You shop there all the time, aren’t expecting something out of the ordinary to occur, and when it does – you pay attention, and you remember it. You tell your spouse when you get home, you send a Facebook request to stay connected. You don’t just let the moment pass – you take some level of action to keep in touch. Truck advertising works in the same way and will be remembered when prospective customers are ready to purchase your product or service.

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