Hints for a Great Billboard Advertisement

by | Jul 20, 2021 | News

All advertising forms must be creative to stand out from the hustle and bustle of regular commuters. The best way to achieve this is by making it fun, enjoyable, appealing, and most importantly, memorable.


A great billboard advertisement has to tell a story in a way that your audience finds both interesting and memorable. So, whether you’re calling on humor, empathy, anger, or cleverness, ensure you invest in emotional marketing tactics that speak to your customers.


But what does it take to create the perfect billboard advertisement that gets results?


1. The Six Words or Less Rule


Yes, it’s six words.


If you cannot communicate a significant idea within these few words, keep working on it. Eventually, you’ll get it right.


On average, commuters spend ten seconds or less glancing at billboard advertisements, which doesn’t give you much time to play with words. You want to get your point across within this time to get results.


This leads us to our next point.


2. Key Content


You will notice from the best Out of Home advertising examples that getting your main point out and fast is the best strategy. Every element of your billboard is important and should capture the right attention from your customers.


As such, you must make your call to action easy to spot and remember. 

3. Tell a (Short) Story


The best Out of Home advertising examples takes viewers on a journey – even if it’s a four-second glimpse of your message over the steering wheel.


Most drivers stop reading after just a few words. So, ensure your billboard advertisement describes the essence of your idea rather than just describing it using text. What’s your idea or campaign about?


4. Make Your Story Bold and Simple


It’s always better to use bigger and bolder fonts against contrasting background colors. You want colors that stand out more and resonate with your viewers. The simpler and bolder, the better.


5. Make It Interactive


Your billboard advertisement will only be as good as its surrounding environment. Depending on its location, your advertising can stick out more and grab your audience’s attention when they can see it clearly. But you must get every aspect of it right.


6. Be Clever (Not Smart) With Your Designs


Smart billboards are the ones potential clients will notice naturally and have them talking for a while. In contrast, clever billboards tend to have complex visual metaphors or complicated designs and puns that need a second glance to understand.


Make them think, laugh, or have some emotional response that makes your message memorable and relatable.


Billboard advertising is still a highly effective form of promoting your products/services and boosting your brand when you get it right. It can also strengthen your inbound marketing strategies like blogging, SEO, or lead offers.


The billboard advertisement hints above should help you create more impactful, memorable Out of Home advertising examples.


Who knows?


This could be your lucky break for huge growth in the second half of the year.


Article by: – Tim from OneScreen Ai

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