Big Rig Wraps Strides Towards a “GREEN” Future

Green Trucking?

When Big Rig Wraps launched, we created a new method for large-scale advertising. In addition to being highly effective for growing businesses, it is affordable – even for modest budgets. Big Rig Wraps is also creating a more sustainable world.

Curious about how big transport trucks can be eco-friendly, or even green? Read on

Every time we wrap a transport truck with the brands of business owners, we create an additional revenue stream for transport truck fleet operators.  It’s an innovative concept that uses resources already on the road.  More importantly, the additional funds going to fleet owners are being used to upgrade equipment, purchase new trailers, and even expand fleets.

Since 2014, our fleet owners have upgraded their trucks to include:

  • anti-idling devices;
  • generators for independent in-cab cooling and heating;
  • side skirts and “super-single” tires for fuel efficiency; and
  • GPS systems to monitor routes and improve fuel usage

Funds generated from truck wraps are also being used to:

  • increase frequency of truck maintenance, which reduces wear-and-tear on equipment and improves its usable life. (less energy consumption and fewer items going to landfills); and
  • purchase new tractors equipped with automatic transmissions, which helps minimize energy consumption.

While we at Big Rig Wraps can’t take credit for how our fleet partners choose to use the additional revenue streams we generate for them, we are honoured to be part of what has become a significant impact toward sustainability. In fact, we were even nominated for a Business Excellence Award in the Sustainability Leadership category by the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade. We think of the nomination as belonging to all our fleet partners, clients, suppliers, vendors and team-mates.

If asked to quantify our sustainable impact thus far, we know that Big Rig Wraps has made it possible for:

  1. multiple fleet companies to stay in operation;
  2. fleet expansion;
  3. upgraded equipment with reduced fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions to be installed; and
  4. the purchase of new trailers and equipment.

This means:

  • at least 4% in fuel savings per truck per year. Some studies show a fuel savings of more than $2,600 per year per truck;
  • a reduction in landfill items by an estimated 80 hours per truck/year.
  • reduced carbon emissions by at least 500lbs per year per truck;
  • 25% less raw materials are used in the adoption of “super-single” tires (compared to their dual counterparts); and
  • more energy savings and decreased pollution is realized from specialized anti-idling equipment, side walls that improve aero dynamics, and alternatively powered in-cab solutions for heating and air-conditioning.

In addition to all these super-green strides, Big Rig Wraps has a zero-waste policy that has been adopted by most of our fleet partners, suppliers, vendors and offices.

Being sustainable means a lot to all of us at Big Rig Wraps. We started our family owned company with the intention to help grow businesses, nourish communities, and make daily choices that leave the world in a better place than we found it. As part of the celebrations for our sustainability nomination, we are sharing what we have learned about how easy it is to be sustainable.  Information is available on our sustainability web-page or connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Angela Baltkois

CEO and Founder
[email protected]

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