Finding the Silver Lining in Covid-19

by | Jan 7, 2021 | News

COVID‐19 has been one of the largest culture‐shifting phenomenoms of this generation. Most countries have seen massive unemployment and many who are still employed are facing significant hurdles and career setbacks as they attempt to navigate budget cuts, promotion freezes, and the demands of child care with the closure of schools and daycares. 

2020 was a year of many harsh lessons. We covered our mouths and smiled with our eyes. We avoided hugs and handshakes and learned to distance to keep the ones we love and care about safe. We were tested as leaders and as human beings, in ways that were unimaginable. 

COVID‐19 has seamlessly brought the global economy to its knees, and simultaneously dismantled social interactions. However, some positives have surfaced amid the chaos. More time spent with families, global collaboration, medical innovation, reduction in harmful environmental emissions and greater emphasis on work-life balance are a few of the silver linings.

 The human tragedies and massive economic disruptions caused by COVID-19 have rightly commanded world attention. In managing this crisis, we should not lose sight of the opportunities and we should lock in the trends that will reshape our society and economy for the better over the long term. Here are a few silver linings that we have seen.

We are thankful for the things that really matter. 

When we were too busy being busy, days spent “on the run” blended into weeks, months and years. Lockdowns and working from home, while challenging at times, have afforded us the gift of being around our families more than ever before. It has forced us to change our perspective; money and material things no longer matter when your health is at stake.

Communication without borders.

Private-sector partnerships around the world are sharing information like never before, and pharmaceutical companies are collaborating in unprecedented ways. The (forced) virtual meetings  have opened communicatons like never before. While some of us have been virtual for many years, others have insisted on face-to-face communications which is limiting. It’s an 8-hour flight to meet with that prospect in the UK or you can meet them today over Zoom

This year we opted to host our 2020 client appreciation party online using World Event Centre. The folks at World Event Centre looked after every detail for us, making it a fun, stress-free event. The benefit was that we were able to include our clients in western Canada and the US too!

Innovation, change initiatives and regrouping for future growth.

This pandemic has caused many businesses to re-evaluate their business model and practices. Shutdowns slowed things down enough to allow for reflection, rethinking strategies and looking for ways to better serve current market needs. Companies shifted their product mix and increased their visibility via webinars and zoom meetings.

We have a better risk management plan in place.

The COVID-19 shock has raised our awareness and sensitivity to low-probability, high-impact “tail risks.” Suddenly, many in the private and public sectors are thinking more in terms of the full distribution of potential outcomes, whereas in the past they focused only on the most likely events. 

In the case of climate change, the sharp reduction in harmful emissions during the crisis has provided clear evidence that a new way is possible. The door is open for climate adaptation, and there is a growing demand that the new normal be “green.”

The pandemic has shed light on a host of issues that go well beyond health and economics. The crisis has required many companies to reconsider work-life balance, and to devise solutions to accommodate employees’ needs. There have already been major changes in how we work, interact with colleagues, and consume goods and services. Only some of these are likely to be reversed after the pandemic has passed.

These silver linings are not intended to discount the severity of this crisis and the uncertainty that has confronted the majority of the world’s population. Rather the challenge now is to expand and refine this list, so that we can transform a period of adversity into one of shared well being for us and for future generations.

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