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by | Aug 26, 2020 | Press

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients and the business community we would like to introduce Connecting GTA to you along with a special membership offer!

Connecting GTA is a private networking club for businesses of diverse backgrounds to connect, collaborate and promote their businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Club President Suresh Kumar has created an exceptional sense of giving, sharing and support between members.

The purpose of the club is to provide members with opportunities to promote their businesses through networking opportunities in our communities. More than that is our support of each other, motivating each other to reach our true potential, and making an impact in our community.

Here are some of the amazing activities they offer:

  • Members go out of their way to offer free services to each other to support each other
  • Feeding the homeless and donating food and other essential items to the vulnerable (ongoing)
  • Sharing information as it becomes available in terms of programs to take advantage of, legal advice, financial advice and more
  • Staying in touch with each other through our WhatsApp group
  • Free web conferences so we can share tips and ideas that will help us
  • Connection with local members of parliament and other community leaders to engage in conversations with us to calm the panic and offer solutions

Free marketing to all members through all channels of social media (ongoing)

Connecting GTA is very unique and as a member we couldn’t be more delighted to belong to this organization!

Click here to see our profile on Connecting GTA’s web site. (link to

Interested in joining?  Save 15% off membership when you use the code “bigrigwraps”


Angela Baltkois

CEO and Founder
[email protected]

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