Digital Marketers Are Now Using Out of Home Advertising Even Though They Once Believed it Wasn’t Measurable

by | Apr 27, 2021 | News

Article by: Tim Rowe from

Once upon a time, digital marketing was fun and easy.

  1. Pick your target audience
  2. Set your budget
  3. Launch
  4. Make money
  5. Repeat


Then it got hard.


Marketing all of a sudden went from the kids in the corner playing with crayons to investment bankers managing campaigns like they are investments, optimizing until their fingers (and minds) went numb.


Then it got expensive.


As marketers dumped more money into digital marketing, a problem began to present itself – limited supply of attention. It’s really just supply and demand. How many opportunities do I have to serve someone an ad relative to how many marketers want to show them an ad. Pretty simple.

Writing on the wall.


A 2019 LiveIntent survey revealed that….


  • 82% of social media marketers are concerned about rising ad costs
  • 42% reported ad fatigue and declining campaign performance

And with 52% of Gen Z and Millennials using ad blockers, digital marketing is only going to get more expensive and results will continue to decline.


If it was bad before COVID, it’s only gotten worse.


So, after a year of being glued to our phones and marketers being limited with how they can reach their best customers during lockdown, demand continues to rise while supply continues to decline.


That’s why they’re turning to Out of Home advertising.


Out of Home advertising offers brands an all new opportunity to flex their creative muscle with targeting and measurement. 


In fact, with new data privacy policies limited marketers’ ability to abuse privacy, brands are moving to offline media, like billboards, to connect with their customers in the real-world first, before converting them into a customer online.

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