Creative Truck Ads Around The World

by | Jan 26, 2023 | homepage, News

The truck advertising scene in North America has cemented itself as a pretty creative business where agencies go out of their way to showcase products and services in a very striking way with the campaigns they create. 

But truck advertising around the world is also brimming with creativity and innovation.

Check out a few examples of some ground-breaking creative truck ads around the world:

This campaign titled “Always first truck” was published in Germany and it was created for the brand: FedEx.

A very clever and interesting way of setting themselves apart from their competition.


This Australian campaign titled “Truck Back” cleverly warns drivers to keep their distance from this long cargo truck.


This truck ad campaign from Singapore titled “’Don’t Get Burnt” aims to drive home the social consequences, as well as the severe penalties associated with buying, selling and/or possessing illegal cigarettes.


Down in South America, this campaign titled Safety Truck was created for Samsung in Argentina. They placed large screens on the back of their trucks that reflect a live video transmitted by a wireless camera on the front of the truck to show cars what’s happening farther ahead. A brilliant way of using technology to help save lives on the road.

Truck advertising around the world is very advanced, innovative and well-planned. Agencies understand that their messages must be attractive and striking at the same time to make their campaign effective and help their clients achieve their end goals.

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