Consumers Are Outdoors In Droves, Can Your Brand Keep Up & Connect With Them?

by | Jun 11, 2021 | News

As Ontario officially reopens, people are finally starting to once again enjoy the luxuries of travel, congregating outside, venturing to restaurants and bars and shopping.

It’s starting to feel like a new normal, and this is great for everyone, including marketers who’ve been on high alert during the pandemic, trying to keep up with quickly-changing, crisis-driven consumer habits, lockdowns and re-openings that made it tough for brands to stay in front of audiences.


Against this backdrop, with travel rebounding to pre-pandemic levels, and considering nearly 63% of the population is vaccinated, now is the time for marketers to harness the right recovery solutions to stay on top of trends in audience movements to connect with consumers as the summer hits, and, as mobility patterns continue shifting.


Out-of-Home (OOH) displays are uniquely poised at the center of the action as brands reach consumers who are out and about in a “pent up,” post-pandemic economy.

In a previous research we found that concentrations of audiences that are remarkably similar to the audiences that advertisers had been using OOH advertising to reach in the downtown Toronto Area pre-pandemic. While some audiences had moved to just outside of the city, we found they were (and still are) reachable via targeted, well-planned advertising campaigns that consider these impacted audience behaviors and new travel patterns. In other words, if brands think in terms of audiences, not just location, these same valuable audiences can still be reached effectively using OOH (whether it’s a roadside billboard, street-level or transport truck advertising), just now in different neighborhoods and along different journeys.


The bottom line is this: for brands that are now scrambling to get in front of a wonderfully mobile public, the right audience targeting and measurement solutions will help you stay in front of the consumers you care most about whether they’re on vacation, in a new home outside a city or out and about enjoying our new normal.

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