In the ever-changing and fast-moving mortgage financing industry, David Hetti and his team strive to be different from every competitor. Their past marketing tactics relied heavily on digital marketing, but, times have changed and they now understand that digital marketing is not enough. In order to help position themselves as industry leaders and be thought of first when people are looking for mortgagors, they needed other touch points.

We approached David in 2017 to offer him advertising space on a Special Focus Truck for a moving company. David’s advertisement was a perfect fit on a branded 53 ft transport truck promoting moving and related services.

As a result of this exposure, David experienced excellent brand recognition and increased web site inquiries. In 2018, David decided to buy and wrap a retired 53 ft trailer and park it in a high-traffic location. The combination of the moving truck and trailer/billboard has proven to be an excellent method for improving his brand recognition and as a lead generation tool for David Hetti and his mortgage finance team.

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