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Big Rig Wraps Powerful Partnership With Connecting Gta

The Connecting GTA (CGTA) networking club was founded by Suresh Kumar, a leader with a vision for creating growth for entrepreneurs. His passion is to collaborate, inspire and enhance member success while driving innovation and growth for CGTA’s communities.

CGTA started as a small group of people that were looking to expand their membership and get more exposure. They needed an advertising method that would allow them to help their members grow their own business and also attract more people and companies to join them.

Our founder and CEO, Angela Baltkois connected with Suresh after many years, and both companies formed a great alliance. “I think truck advertising has brought out brand awareness. I receive texts from people who work with my clients and they send me photos of the trucks they see on the 401 highway. They have heard about CGTA and there’s proof of that! Connecting GTA started out with about 200 members when we started advertising but now we have over 350. We do make sure the brand is marketed well.” says Suresh when we asked him about how truck advertising has helped his business.

Big Rig Wraps and CGTA made a series of special arrangements to help the club members grow their own businesses through truck advertising at a special member rate! The members have also recognized the many benefits of transport truck advertising, Mayuran Tharmabalan said that he sees truck advertising as a great alternative to traditional billboards since trucks travel a lot and reach places that regular billboards can’t, and they go around the areas where he advertises his business. He stated that “The discount you offer for being a member of CGTA is amazing. It’s easy to be with your client. I’m impressed by the quality of your service and I appreciate the reports you send me every month.”

Additionally, Bronson Christian (Mortgage Broker) said “I think that truck advertising has slowly helped my mortgages business gain more recognition around my area. People see my ad, they call me and ask about mortgages. I’m aware that all these efforts could lead to potential customers hiring my services in the future and it’s helping with business branding as well.”

Angelo Pucci (Real Estate Agent) started advertising with us in March 2021 and agrees that OOH advertising has helped his business. He said “I choose truck advertising because I thought it was a good idea to invest on it when I had the opportunity to do so. It’s given my business more exposure around the Greater Toronto Area and I have noticed a significant increase in brand awareness.”

The following members are displayed on the 8 trucks traveling in the Greater Toronto area:

Ramanchandran Law, Bronson Christian Mortgage Broker, Mayuran Tharmabalan Chartered Professional Accountant, Team Pucci / Angelo Pucci Real Estate, CTS Building Supplies, Eesa Building Group, Ann Arbour Consultants, Nova Wilson Law Firm, 416 Print Shop, AI HR Solutions, Opal Building Solutions, Dye & Russell Law Firm, TNext Communications, Yes It, Datawiz Academy, Shinol, A & G Concepts, Tharan Lingham Mortgage Broker, Kashden Consultants, Commercial Packaging Solutions, Tham Surveying, Terence Rajah / Agape Life, Pathwise Credit Union and Darshan Sritharan The Home Loan Guy.

We’re very happy to see that the growth of CGTA into a widely recognized and dynamic business networking club that fosters growth, advocacy, and support of businesses.

Thank you to Connecting GTA for choosing Big Rig Wraps! It’s an honor and a pleasure to work with you and your fantastic members!


“CGTA is blessed to have Big Rig Wraps as a member. They’re also an amazing partner who sets us up for success. We now have 8 trucks wrapped by them because we see the benefits gained from this spectacular advertising. Through the many spotlights on social media, our members are able to get more advertising expending less. We couldn’t be happier!!!”

Suresh Kumar, Founder at Connecting GTA

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