Can Out of Home Ads really create PR fame?

by | Jul 7, 2021 | News

We see Out of Home Advertising everywhere. It’s a form of advertising that captures the attention of every person in the street, making that sometimes we see how a billboard becomes viral on social media.


Is not a mystery that the COVID-19 impact the global economy and OOH was not the exception. 

Lockdowns swallowed OOH footfall and strangled marketing budgets. Similarly, marketers were obsessed with finding at-home screens however they could.


Not all regions locked down equally. Anonymised mobile data tracked population activity to offer helpful heat maps and work out worthwhile sites. Meanwhile, OOH networks worked to digitise their networks and buying platforms. Buyers can now run hyper-local campaigns within the hour without even lifting a phone. And digital out of home sites, have doubled in number in the last four years in the UK. They also account for a third of spend in the US. Marketers are also excited about the creative opportunities afforded by the outdoor screen.


Good OOH creative can inspire PR fame.

Real people engage with and share good OOH ads. They interact with said brand on social and even inspire earned media. If people are talking about a billboard, there’s a news story there.


An OOH campaign “must be able to work in isolation and deliver real results for the client to be successful, not just fame”.


Nick Ellis, creative partner and founder of brand agency Halo believes that OOH is the “pinnacle of the advertising craft, a single idea, executed with the acuity of message and creativity.” The best work is appreciated even outside of industry circles.


He talks up executions that create unmissable moments like Carlsberg’s beer tap billboard. Few people may have seen it in the flesh, but on social, we felt the reactions by proxy.


“These moments transcend what we expect from advertising. And advertising itself becomes art. Instead of being intrusive, it reaches people in a truly creative and disruptive way.


“… it is big, unskippable, and real. It has power. And impact. And it reaches 98% of the British public(usually).

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