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Big Rig Wraps Brings a Touch of Green to Trucking and Advertising on Trucks

Advertising can be an effective part of a company’s marketing plans, spanning from billboards, to television to local newspapers. But, did you know that advertising on the side of trucks traveling across North America is also an option? That’s thanks in part to Big Rig Wraps, a company that is connecting trucking fleets with advertisers.  The company is dedicated to helping businesses make the most of their marketing dollars with new non-traditional advertising options at the same time helping truckers earn some extra income, all while making sustainability a focus and high priority.

Big Rig Wraps was started more than five years ago with the goal of finding ways for large, medium and small businesses to maximize their advertising dollars. Recognizing that Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising was a new growth area, the company focused their efforts on bringing together businesses with products and services to sell and independently owned fleets of trucks. Today, Big Rig Wraps offers advertising opportunities on trucks up to 53 feet long traveling streets, roads, and highways across North America, giving businesses an effective way to reach new markets.  This unique type of advertising allows Big Rig Wraps’ clients to choose routes across Canada and the United States that match their campaigns and target audiences locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.

Sustainability Is a Big Part of the Company Culture

Big Rig Wraps is also very committed to sustainability, both internally and with its customers.  The company’s core business is in fact a green practice since it is placing advertising on space that already exists, but it also implements and encourages many other green processes including re-use of materials and efficient fuel and energy management.   Big Rig Wraps prides itself on the living the 3 Rs (Reducing, Reusing, Recycling). They carefully plan and execute how they choose, use, and consume resources in every aspect of their business and collaborate with their customers to help them become greener businesses.

Big Rig Wraps joined the Green Business Bureau (GBB) to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and plans to use the GBB membership as a way to encourage and reward their clients, colleagues and partners to increase their own sustainability efforts. While they only recently joined GBB in early 2019 to get greener,  the company already had a number of sustainability successes, including the reduction of fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The additional revenues they send to fleet partners has also helped to increase maintenance and the installation of eco-friendly parts and equipment, minimizing strain on engines and other parts and extending their lifetime by an estimated 80 hours per truck/year. This reduces the amount of equipment that heads to the landfill every year.

As part of their GBB membership, Big Rig Wraps is focusing on two core green initiatives:

  • Encouraging and occasionally rewarding clients and partners to follow the 3Rs.  This includes adopting a zero-waste policy, limiting the use of paper and minimizing the use of plastics, energy, and water.
  • Helping fleet partners access government incentive plans to upgrade equipment and transport trucks to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

“The sustainability efforts and green initiatives the team here at Big Rig Wraps have launched have resulted in a number of positive changes, including having multiple companies in North America expand their fleets with newer, better-performing, more eco-friendly equipment,” said Angela Baltkois, Big Rig Wraps CEO. “Our fleet partners, staff and even social media followers have adopted zero-waste policies and are following the 3Rs. We’re collectively eliminating 90% of paper and minimizing the use of plastics, energy, and water. That’s a big win in our book.”

To learn more about Big Rig Wraps and their commitment to changing the way businesses advertise and fleets operate, visit

Author: Green Business Bureau / Source

Big Rig Wraps Transport Truck Advertising (Big Rig Wraps) is the premier provider of large-scale outdoor advertising on trucks up to 53 feet. Through a series of partnerships created with fleet truck owners, graphic designers, and certified installers, we make it possible and affordable for companies to take their advertising on the road, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, even if they don’t own their own fleet. Learn more about Big Rig Wraps here.

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