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51% of Advertisers to Invest More in OOH in 2023

by | Dec 19, 2022 | homepage, News, Stats

51% of advertisers expect to invest more in Out of Home Advertising in 2023, according to a new survey of brand marketers and agencies released by BWG Strategy and Talon America.


Jim Wilson, CEO of Talon America said that “consumers have returned to the great outdoors in full force and marketers are embracing the full potential of the digitized and unmissable OOH medium that offers a limitless creative canvas and an unmatched ability to reach one-to-many at meaningful scale.”


Advertisers have stated that they mostly use OOH for top-of-funnel marketing efforts, with 76% of respondents pointing out that they use OOH for mass awareness and 73% indicating that they use OOH for brand building. Nonetheless, the tendency to use OOH to help achieve full-funnel marketing goals is growing larger thanks to the data-driven capabilities offered by OOH.


The three most important attributes leading the way for advertisers when considering OOH are:
– Data-driven audience targeting opportunities (49%)
– Unmatched scale/reach (49%)
– The unskippable nature of OOH (43%)


Additionally, over 70% cite that having better measurability and attribution solutions would contribute to greater investment in OOH.

Brad Lyons, Partner & Head of Primary Research of BWG Strategy states that: “Our study shows that advertisers are shifting their dollars to follow their audiences that have largely resumed their pre-pandemic outdoor lifestyles.” And that we can also: “Expect advertisers to take advantage of newer audience-based targeting and attribution capabilities in OOH for both brand building and performance marketing to engage consumers with the right message at the right time and in the right place.”

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