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Ontario’s labor minister has sharply criticized businesses that deny bathroom access to truckers, calling it a disgrace.

Truck drivers are being denied basic necessities as they deliver essentials in this pandemic

Across Canada, truck drivers and couriers are being barred from restrooms while they deliver essential goods, including medical equipment and fresh produce. Drivers say their services are welcomed by businesses, but their basic human needs, including the need to relieve themselves, aren’t being accommodated because of fears they’ll spread COVID-19. Read more

Trucks deliver essential supplies and food to every corner of the country

If trucks stopped running for even a few days, supplies of essential food and medical supplies would diminish, service stations would run out of fuel, ATM’s would run out of cash and banks would be unable to process transactions.

There are reports of businesses, including shippers and receivers, denying drivers access to washroom facilities at the locations where they are picking up or dropping off goods! Many service stations and rest stops are now closed and offering only takeout food.

Unfortunately, truck drivers aren’t able to take a tractor-trailer through a drive-thru, and drivers are being refused service when they walk up to the drive-thru. It is unacceptable and grossly unfair that truck drivers are denied access to basic necessities such as food and washroom facilities, especially when so much pressure is being placed on them to keep essential commodities moving.

Watch: Premier Ford sticks up for truck drivers


  1. If you own a hotel, consider offering rooms for truck drivers to shower or stay overnight.
  2. If you are in the foodservice industry, allow truck drivers to walk up to your take-out window and use your washroom facilities.
  3. When you see a truck driver on the road, honk, wave or give them the thumbs up. Now, more than ever they deserve the morale boost!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that travel restrictions won’t affect truck drivers traveling back and forth across the border.

However, they are experiencing unexpected difficulties in their efforts to do their job.

Trucking remains one of our essential services and in order to keep the supply chain moving, it’s paramount our truck drivers have access to public rest areas, food, and sanitary restrooms.

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