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Transport Truck Advertising is high-impact advertising that will provide:
  • significant return on investment
  • put your brand in the forefront of your customer’s mind
  • is surprisingly affordable when compared to other forms of media
Maximum Impact, Minimum Cost

In addition to providing visibility and brand awareness, Transport Truck Advertising can help businesses save on advertising and marketing expenses. Among all types of advertising media such as television, print, radio, and billboards, our Transport Truck Advertising has the lowest CPM (cost per thousand impressions).


Billboard Advertising

  • $1,700 design, set up & installation
  • $4,500 – $15,600 per year
  • Less viewership than transport truck
  • Advertising, more expensive and not as effective as a moving billboard

Bus Advertising

  • $450 design, set up & installation
  • $6,500 – $17,700 per year
  • Bus is shared with other 3 to 5 other advertisers, more expensive, limited to a smaller geographic area

Radio Advertising

  • $500 – $1,500 set up
  • $600 – $2,000 for a 30 second ad played 20x per week
  • $31,200 – $104,000 per year
  • Very costly, only reaches station’s listeners

Newspaper Advertising

  • $13,000 – $49,500 per year for a 1/4 page display ad running 1x per week
  • Less viewership than truck, bus or billboard advertising.
  • Not exclusive, ad competes with many other ads

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