Most business owners will agree that it is a challenge to reach new customers in their target markets. Consumers are bombarded with many forms advertising making it tough to gain their attention.

3M Canada conducted a recent study concerning the effectiveness of truck advertising.

98% thought the ads created a positive image of the advertised business


97% were able to recall the advertisement on the truck.


“The truck advertising has proven to be an excellent investment!” Over the past 3 years we have tracked sales as a direct result of customers who have seen the truck. We are very pleased and just booked 4 more trucks with you.”

– Jensen Trailers, client since 2013

Transport Truck Advertising is Unique and Effective:

  • Enhance your reputation and credibility
  • Increase market share and leverage over your competitors
  • Display innovation, creativity, personality and uniqueness
  • Empower your business to become a leading brand
  • Brand exposure to over 50,000 viewers a day!

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