Stay Home Save Lives Campaign

Shelley Uvanile-Hesch. Photo Credit – In Motion Photography / Ron McCallum 

Sponsor a trailer with public service messaging

Womens Trucking Federation of Canada. Photo Credit – In Motion Photography / Ron McCallum 

Womens Trucking Federation
Province of Ontario

We are in an unprecedented time of change due to the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus. We applaud healthcare, frontline workers and truck drivers who ship critical medical supplies and food.

On April 8th 2020, we launched the “Stay Home Save Lives Mobile Campaign.”

The campaign consists of 53 ft trailers donated by Sharp Transportation, wrapped with public service messaging about COVID-19. The purpose of this initiative is to support provincial and federal government efforts to raise awareness about how staying home can have a profound impact and help to flatten the curve and save lives.

The wrapped trailers travel within Ontario, and throughout Canada and the United States.

Sharp Transportation | Banner artwork supplied by the Ontario Government

We Are In This Together

Shelley Uvanile-Hesch, a long-haul trucker and the CEO of the Womens Trucking Federation of Canada is hauling the trailer below with the social distancing messaging “Stay Home Save Lives.” Shelley hopes people will think twice about leaving home during the COVID-19 pandemic after seeing her trailer as she moves vital goods between Canada and the United States.

Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada. Photo Credit – In Motion Photography / Ron McCallum 


We are seeking sponsors of trailers promoting public service messaging for COVID-19

This presents a great opportunity to demonstrate your support and receive special recognition for doing so. Show your community spirit by sponsoring a trailer with public service messaging. 

The trailers are donated by our fleet partners and we are offering the banner wrap below our regular cost pricing. You can choose to create your own custom message or, sponsor a provincial or federal goverment banner.

Our goal is to fill the highways with public service messaging and to show our appreciation for front line workers that are helping us get through this crisis.

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